Welcome! We are excited that you have chosen to join the WJY family. WJY is a place to learn, grow, achieve academic success and enjoy the overall development. We aim to provide with a safe, comfortable and supportive living environment.

Living in WJY hall comes with rights and responsibilities. As a member in the WJY family, you have the right to live in a safe, clean and decent environment which supports your success as a student. You also have the responsibility to create and maintain a secure, hygienic and welcoming living and learning environment for all other residents in our hall. To balance the residents’ rights and responsibilities, we encourage a culture of mutual care and respect among residential members in our hall.

Environment protection is now one of the major global concerns, especially when the problem of global warming has become increasingly serious in recent years. We encourage our residents to make a difference by adopting environmentally responsible practices to reduce, reuse and recycle resources in our hall.

WJY Warden Office comprises a warden, a senior tutor and five tutors. We care for all our residents. Our job is to look after the hall life of the student residents and make sure everything runs smoothly in the hall. We welcome and value your comments and suggestions about the hall facilities and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding hall living.

We wish you a successful and enjoyable year here at WJY Hall.


WJY Warden Office