Student Forum: Consultation on the University Strategic Plan 2019-25

Further to the email from the President via Registry dated 4 April 2019 (appended below), you are cordially invited to attend the Student Forum for consultation on the draft of the University Strategic Plan 2019-25.

Date: 17 April 2019
Time: 5 – 7pm
Venue: SkyLight Plaza

The President Leonard Cheng and members from senior management will join us to introduce the draft plan and answer questions from students regarding the six future strategic areas:

  • Enhancing Undergraduate Teaching and Learning
  • Expanding Postgraduate Education
  • Driving Research Excellence and Knowledge Transfer
  • Advancing Residential Education and Promoting Student Training in Inclusive Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening Institutional Advancement
  • Accelerating Campus Development

As a member of the Lingnan community, your views, comments, questions and suggestions are valuable to the draft of the University’s Strategic Plan.